In the corner of our living room there is a small cabinet where I'm operating from.  The size of this cabinet is about 110cm width, 40 cm deep and its height is 220cm. With this setup I can work from 80m to 70cm. For Hf I use a half size G5RV as inverted V and on VHF/UHF the X200 from Diamond is doing its job. Only for local repeaters on VHF and UHF.
The laptop is used for hamradio operation. I know its hard to read, but with Microsofts remote desktop I can use the laptop on the big screen below. The small screenon the left is a 10" touchscreen for use with flightsimulator X.

If I want to contest or want to make Phone QSO's I go to the attic where my shack is. There is also the place to build some things. As you can see on the photo there are a lot of old transceiver. I like them a lot and making fine QSO's with them. I recently bought a Yaesu FT-7B. The other ones I own are the Kenwood TS700, TR7200 with remote VFO and a collectors item, the TR-7010. A SSB transceiver with synthesizer witch makes 5kHz steps and has a VXO. For HF I use the TS520. A very fine transceiver with a good and quit receiver. On the photo there is a 'strange one'. The Kenwood TS450, a modern transceiver. But its an old picture because I sold this line to Carl PD0MGX.